Close up photo of a latte from Caffe Ladro coffe shop in Bothell, Washington.

Caffe Ladro

Now a Seattle coffee institution, Caffe Ladro opened our first location on Upper Queen Anne in 1994. People ask about the company name origin. Caffe Ladro is Italian for “coffee thief.”

Ladro has always valued sustainably and ethically produced coffee. In 2000, we were the largest chain in the country serving only Fair Trade coffee. Later, in 2011, we launched Ladro Roasting. That division of the company sources green coffees through relationships with coffee farmers and millers. Then it also roasts all the coffee it purchases at our Seattle coffee roastery. Our cupping lab and training program ensure customers always receive perfection.

We offer a range of coffee blends and seasonally changing micro lot coffees at our cafés and for our wholesale partners. We happily ship coffee all over the country and world through our online store. We’re profoundly dedicated to serving our customers and community.


Caffe Ladro

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Close up photo of a latte from Caffe Ladro coffe shop in Bothell, Washington.

Caffe Ladro


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