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Bothell, Washington Pacific Northwest Hospitality
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Discover Bothell: A Gem of Pacific Northwest Hospitality

Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Bothell, Washington is a beacon of hospitality waiting to be discovered. Visitors are welcomed into our community known for its genuine warmth and charm. From within the cozy accommodations of hotels to the diverse restaurants, you’ll find locals eager to share their stories and recommendations. Spend 72 hours in Bothell and you’ll likely meet these friendly faces and hear about their love for their community:

  • Love games and great food? You’ll find Colleen Zaremba of Zulu's Board Game Cafe who says, "I love Bothell's traditions from the 4th of July Parade to the 'Welcome to Bothell… for a day or a lifetime' motto. We have a walkable downtown with plenty of unique businesses and restaurants to explore.”

  • You’ll likely run into Vicki and Lisa of Wanderlust Book Lounge, who say, "We love our customers - they are smart and caring. They represent the best of what we think of when we say "community." They stand up for each other, respect each other, and share their time and talents with each other. That's what matters most in today's world."

  • Shop local and you’ll meet Sarah Frost of Making Local Markets who says, "What I love most about Bothell is the community! We have such a vibrant, diverse, energetic community that shows up for the small businesses, makers, and creatives showcased at the Making Local Markets. The community participation in local events, at local restaurants and shops, in our parks and on our trails, is so joyful and welcoming and I truly enjoy being part of this incredible city!"

  • You’ll find Richardo Humphreys’ smiling face at the front desk of the Hilton Garden Inn, who says, “Bothell is really at the center of everything with a bustling downtown and lots of great restaurants. There are so many places to enjoy and explore using Bothell as your homebase.”

  • Enjoy an unforgettable meal at The Cottage and you’ll likely see manager Madison Wean, who says, "Bothell's charm knows no bounds, especially when it comes to my favorite spots! I love starting my day at The Cottage, where every meal feels like a cozy retreat. Then, it's off to Ta Joia or Amaro for some unforgettable dining experiences. And when I'm in the mood for shopping, nothing beats the vibe at the Pop Shops and CoCapsules. Downtown Bothell truly feels like my second home, always buzzing with fun and flavor!"

  • If you’re in the mood for a good beer, you’ll want to talk to Evan Watts of Watts Brewing Company, who says, “To show a friend around Bothell, I would get brunch at The Cottage, then walk over to Zulu’s for an afternoon of board games and maybe a Watts beer.  From there, we would grab an early dinner (and maybe another Watts beer) at Chantanee Thai before walking over to Pop Keeney Stadium, escorted by flocks of crows, to catch a Bothell High School football game!  If there’s still time after, we’d grab one last Watts beer at The Hop & Hound before heading home for the night.”

  • What better way to get to know Bothell than heading straight to the Visitor Center? There, you’ll meet Eve Livingston, who shared her love of Bothell with us: “Bothell reminds me of my favorite 60s TV programs, where everyone knows all the businesses on Main Street from the local restaurants, shopping, and several small stores and all your neighbors by their first name.

    Bothell has many great parks and a river trail that you can bike or walk that is always surrounded by nature which changes with the four seasons. The main question when visitors come to the Visitor Center, they’re generally looking for something “To Do” for an hour or two. I recommend Blyth Park which is located one block off Main Street on the Sammamish River.  This park includes a 10-mile pedestrian friendly path connecting the Woodinville Wine Country all the way to Seattle.

    Days trips from Bothell are amazing and easy. Seattle is just a 30-minute drive or a bus connection to all the big city can offer.

    Seasons and weather are always changing here, but generally it is mild, never too cold or hot and always bring good weatherproof walking shoes.

    Bothell is a special place, not for anything grand, or known for one big moment, but a feeling of peaceful times, good people, local and quality place to love and share.”

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